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Robert J. Buckley


B.A., Fordham University; M.B.A., New York University
Email:  rbuckley@hunter.cuny.edu

Robert J. Buckley has served as Director of Research Administration since 1977. Grant activity has grown to annual levels of more than 800 proposals and over $60 million. In consultation with the Provost, the Director of Research Administration provides institutional authorization for grant and contract proposals. With the assistance of staff, Bob prepares an annual report of grant activities, provides statistical reports, and issues a monthly newsletter during the academic year. Bob chairs the CUNY Council of Grants Officers.

Carolynn Julien

Senior Associate Director

B.A., Iona College; M.A., Central Michigan University
Email:  cjulien@hunter.cuny.edu

Carolynn Julien has been with the Office of Research Administration since 1988. Her background and expertise in computer science have been assets to numerous initiatives of the Office of Research Administration, including electronic transmission of proposals and office management tools. Carolynn began an expanded role in faculty development in 2010. In this role she provides a variety of opportunities to faculty and staff including workshop funding source identification, assistance with proposal development and grant administration.

Barbara Medina

Assistant Director for Project Personnel

B.S., Hunter College, MSW Fordham University
Email:  rbuckley@hunter.cuny.edu

Barbara Medina joined the staff of the Office of Research Administration in 1981. She is the office expert on personnel matters, including hiring procedures, personnel vacancy notices, health benefit planning, employment practices and policies, summer salary, and immigration visa regulations. Barbara oversees the processing of more than 9,500 personnel actions in electronic and paper format each year. Barbara advises Principal Investigators and staff members with e-services and foreign nationals.

Annmarie Rivera

Assistant Director for Sponsored Projects

B.A., M.S., Hunter College
Email:  nrivera@hunter.cuny.edu

Annmarie has been with the Office of Research Administration since 1990. She works with principal investigators in the preparation and submission of proposals and is the office liaison for the PSC-CUNY Research Award Program and other Hunter College grant programs. Annmarie handles grant-related tuition and fees and serves as staff to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Karlene Roberts

Assistant Director for Project Personnel

B.S., York College, M.S. Hunter College
Email:  rkarlene.roberts@hunter.cuny.edu

Karlene began working in Research Administration in 2002. She works with the Assistant Director for Project Personnel in reviewing hiring papers for persons employed on Hunter’s grants and contracts. Karlene explains identification and documentation requirements and instructs new employees on time sheet processing. She is also the contact person for the Graduate Research Technology Incentive (GRTI).

Sue Morales

Project Associate for Outreach and Design

B.A., New York City College of Techology
Email:  smo0031@hunter.cuny.edu

Sue began working in the Research Administration office in 2010. She assists Carolynn Julien in setting-up faculty development workshops, as well as creates and designs the office's publication materials for internal distribution (i.e., Grants Update, Research Insider, and workshop flyers

Krystal Santiago

Grants Administrative Assistant

A.A., John Jay College
Email:  ksa0003@hunter.cuny.edu

Krystal began working in the Research Administration office in 2010. She works with Carolynn Julien on the RCR/COI Compliance database, as well as assists faculty and Hunter College staff with the Research Foundation's e-payment request system.