Applying for Grants

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Notice of Intent System


The Office of Research Administration has implemented a new electronic

Notice of Intent System.

The system automatically notifies us of your intent to submit a proposal.

Please click on the button below to begin the process.


1. What do I have to do before I apply for a grant?

Grant funding can be important to a faculty member’s professional career. Grant funding can be complex. Many faculty members may desire grant funding, but don’t know where to begin. If you are interested please contact Carolynn Julien (212) 772-4020 or to set up a meeting to discuss your research agenda.

  • Hunter College Proposal Routing Form

    Proposals to foundations, corporations, and major gift prospects/donors require additional approval. To obtain approval you must complete the Hunter College Fundraising Policies for Faculty Cultivation and Solicitation of Grants and Gifts form before making contact with the agency or individual. This form should be submitted at least one month before the proposal is due. The Form can be found here Revised 3-13 Hunter College Proposal Routing Form.

  • Clearance Policy

    This form is required for all internal and external grants, including when you are involved in another institution's proposal. Sign–off is required by both Department Chair and Dean or Center Director. The form can be found here Clearance Policy and Procedures 11-17-09.

  • Research Compliance

    Researchers must comply with the Conflict of Interest (COI) and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training requirement. This applies to all new, renewal, continuation and resubmission proposals. Please refer to the Research Compliance tab for more information about the requirements for your proposal RCR COI training and information link.

  • Rule of Two

    Individuals that submit a grant electronically must adhere to the "Rule of Two" requirement. More details about this requirement can be found here Rule of Two.

    Revised Proposal Submission Policy

  • Limited Submissions

    There may be limitations on the number of proposals that can be submitted by Hunter College or the City University of New York. Please contact the Office of Research Administration for guidance and clarification.

  • Log in Request for Grant Agencies (NIH, NSF, NASA, HRSA etc.)

    Many agencies require a login or id to access their site. Please refer to the How Do I Submit My Grant? tab on this website for agency specific access.

2. How do I find funding opportunities?

3. How do I prepare a proposal?

  • Writing A Proposal

    Proposal writing is the crux of the process. The Foundation Center offers a free online course. Learn more

  • Proposal Writing Tips

    • Depending on the size of the proposal, you may have more than one person writing the proposal. The more people that engage in writing the proposal, the more different writing styles are going to be in the final draft. It is less jolting to the reviewers if the style does not vary from section to section.

    • Find someone, preferably not connected to your field, to read your proposal. That person must be honest with you. If that person has questions or criticisms, so will a reviewer. Remember not to over–use the jargon of your field of study, as some of the reviewers may not be as familiar with your field as you might think.

    • Have a final editor. You want perfect grammar. You want consistency between the project description and the budget. For example, if in the review of the budget, you determine you must change the number of students or the number of trips, you must make sure this is also reflected in the project description. A single change might require a revision in the project description, a budget modification, the addition or deletion of a CV, etc.

    • Don't dress up the proposal too much and don’t use too many adjectives. Many readers are given a large number of proposals to review – they are looking for substance in the proposal. They will decide whether your project has the potential for achieving great things.

  • Budget and Budget Justification

  • Frequently Used Facts (FAQs)

    • EIN (Entity Number & Federal ID)
      • Research Foundation of CUNY – 1131988190–A1
      • Hunter College of CUNY – 136001027

    • Congressional District
      • 68th Street Campus – NY–012
      • Brookdale Campus – NY–014
      • Silberman Building – NY–015

    • DUNS #
      • Research Foundation of CUNY (Hunter) for federal grant application – 620127915

    • DHHS General Assurance for the Use of Human Subjects
      • Hunter FWA Number – FWA00018648

    • DHHS Animal Welfare
      • Hunter Assurance Number: D16–00413

    • Fringe Benefits:

    • Indirect Cost:
    • DHHS Indirect Cost Agreement — Effective Period: 3/16/17
      • LOCATION: On Campus Rate: 56% APPLICABLE TO: Research/Training
      • LOCATION: On Campus Rate: 47% APPLICABLE TO: On–Campus Non–Research (Other Sponsored Activity) Projects
      • LOCATION: Off Campus Rate: 26% APPLICABLE TO: Research/Training

      Apply this rate to the modified total direct costs (MTDC), which includes salaries & wages , fringe benefits, materials and supplies, services, travel, subcontracts up to $25,000 each; excludes any equipment and tuition.

    • Mileage Rate:

    4. How do I submit a grant?

    • If you are submitting a grant electronically, you must adhere to the Rule of Two.

      1. Notify the Office of Research Administration of your intent to submit a grant two weeks prior to the deadline.

        Notify Carolynn Julien or Annmarie Rivera in the Office of Research Administration, at least two weeks before the application deadline, to make an appointment to review the grant guidelines, determine the grant requirements, deadlines, submission plan, etc., and also obtain a proposal routing form to secure endorsement from your Department Chair and Dean. The requirement is to manage workload and coordinate scheduling of submissions as there may be several proposals from Hunter College being prepared for a given deadline.

      2. All documents must be received by the Office of Research Administration and submission must occur two days prior to deadline.

        Grant applications must be submitted at least two days before the deadline to address errors/warnings or to make any necessary changes. We also make this request because there may be several grants being submitted on a deadline and we must ensure that all grant submissions meet the deadline.

    • Information provides a unified electronic ‘storefront’ for interactions between grant applicants and funding agencies. Hunter College is already registered in There is nothing that a principal investigator (PI) must do in terms of institutional registration. Please explore the following links for further information.

    • For questions or further guidance, please contact:
      Carolynn Julien – OR Annmarie Rivera –

    • National Institutes of Health (NIH) eRA Commons

    • eRA Commons is an online interface where grant applicants, grantees and federal staff at NIH and grantor agencies can access and share administrative information relating to research grants. eRA Commons users, based on their role, can conduct a variety of business in Commons. To obtain an eRA Commons account, please contact Carolynn Julien via email at

    • National Science Foundation (NSF)

    • FastLane allows Principal Investigators (PI) the ability to prepare proposals, check proposal status, and complete project reports, system notifications & requests. Using FastLane requires an institutionally assigned account. If you are new to FastLane, contact Carolynn Julien at for an accoubt.  Please include your name, phone, fax, department, and type and year of your highest degree.  If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it in FastLane.The Fastlane website is


    • To submit a research proposal to NASA, individuals and the organizations with which they are affiliated must be registered in NSPIRES. Hunter College is already registered. Individuals may register at any time. Please create an affiliation using either DUNS# 620127915 or Cage Number 4B1J3.

    • eGrants

    • Corporation for National and Community Service uses eGrants to automate the entire grants and project management process from application to closeout, which includes submission and tracking grant applications and concept papers. The website for eGrants is

    • US Education Department G5

    • All users requiring access to G5 must register with the U.S. Department of Education to obtain individual user IDs and passwords. The website for G5 is

    • PSC–CUNY Grants

    • PSC–CUNY grants are submitted electronically. To gain access, you should click the ‘Research & Awards’ tab at the top of the website and then the ‘PSC–CUNY Research Award Program’ from the pull down menu, then click ‘PSC–CUNY Grants Proposal System’ in the middle of the page to gain access to the system. The direct link is If you have Research Foundation access for a grant, this is not the login information that is needed for the PSC–CUNY Research Award Program electronic system.

    • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) EHB

    • Registration within HRSA EHBs is a two–step process Create an individual account for yourself. This account should not be shared with any other user. Then affiliate your account to your organization record. The website to create a HRA account is

    • Department of Defense (DOD) CDMRP

    • Principal Investigators must register on the DOD’s online system prior to submitting information for their first proposal. During the registration process you will obtain a password to use with your e–mail address for future proposal site access. Please use RFCUNY–Hunter College as your organization when registering. The DOD requires that final proposals be submitted by the Office of Research Administration rather than by the principal investigator directly. You can access the website at

    • Paper Submission

    • Some agencies still require paper submission. The Office of Research Administration will work with the researcher to compile and copy the application. We do not mail applications or hand deliver.