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New graduate students and postdocs who will work with animals on approved protocols should begin the training program at their convenience by logging onto CITI ( and selecting City University of New York as their institution. After registering, select the CUNY curriculum option "Take the Working with the IACUC Course" and then select “Research Team” as the appropriate "Learner Group". Those students who will work with fish only should select “Working with Fish in Research” as the appropriate "Learner Group". After completing all of the tests for the required modules, students will have opportunity to print a certification page. They should present a copy of the completion report and the IACUC “ Certification for Personnel” form to Sonia Acevedo (Animal Facility Training Coordinator). The certification form should be signed by the Principal Investigator and the trainee indicating that the trainee is familiar with procedures described in the IACUC protocol. After receiving the two forms, Sonia will schedule a tour of the animal facility and arrange appropriate hands-on training for those who will need access to the Animal Facility.