Animal Facility

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The Manager of the Animal Facility is responsible for the care of all research animals maintained at Hunter College. The facility is located in Hunter North and includes rooms for housing, testing, quarantine, and surgical procedures.

The facility staff provides animal husbandry services and monitor all animals daily. Fees for this routine care are charged on a per diem basis. Technical services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.


All animal orders must be placed by the Facility Director from approved animal vendors. To order animals review the policy on animal ordering guidelines, then fill out the animal purchase approval form and send it to Barbara Wolin, Animal Facilities. Transfer of animals from other institutions must get prior approval from the Facility Manager. The Facility Manager must also be consulted about any animals requiring special housing or feeding needs.


All individuals working on animal protocols must be trained and approved by the IACUC before they may work with animals. Courses are offered by the animal facility manager and veterinary technician and include general handling of animals and specific techniques such as rodent surgery.


Contact Barbara Wolin, (212) 772-5228 Facility Manager for any questions about training, animal acquisition, and housing.