About The IACUC

The Hunter College Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is responsible for oversight of all aspects of animal care and use. The committee includes faculty members with experience in animal studies, the facility manager, the college veterinarian, the college safety officer, a non-science faculty member, a non-affiliated community member, and a student representative. The Chair and all members are appointed by the college Provost. The IACUC conforms to the general public health service guidelines (PHS policy at IV.A.3.B) concerning membership. IACUC responsibilities include the inspection of the animal facilities as well as all laboratories where animals are used. The IACUC must approve all protocols before animals may be ordered and must certify that all individuals are appropriately trained.

The IACUC meets regularly to review all research or educational use of vertebrate animals at the college. This may include work with animals that is performed at other institutions by Hunter faculty and students. No use of animal can begin without the written approval of the IACUC.

New animal proposals must be submitted to the IACUC using the new animal protocol form. Protocols must be reviewed by the committee at a convened meeting and may be approved for up to three years but require review of annual updates. Continuation beyond three years requires a new protocol submission. Minor changes to approved protocols such as addition of personnel or addition of animals must be submitted in writing to the IACUC for approval. Researchers who use the same basic animal procedure in more than one protocol may submit a single special techniques protocol form. All individuals working on animal protocols must be trained and approved by the IACUC before they may work with animals. Guidelines for writing and submitting animal protocols and for determining the optimal number of experimental animals needed are available. For protocols that involve survival surgery review the policy on survival surgery and consult with the veterinarian. It is recommended that protocols should be submitted at least two months prior to the start date of the project to provide sufficient time for IACUC review and possible modifications needed for approval